Friday, September 2, 2016

Cand goes to Hells Gate, B.C., Canada

I haven't updated in a while, but seeing how Michelle just updated her blog... It feels like its my turn now! I got lots to post, and it will probably take me a while to post all my pictures! Anyway, here goes nothing!

Before my graduation in June 2016, my family came over to Canada. We got to visit Eastern Canada & USA (NYC, Boston, Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto). Whenever my parents come to visit, we usually hang around in BC before embarking on our "big" trip. My family and I would visit several places in BC. Most of those places were the usual places we'd always visit, like Metrotown, Down Town Vancouver, Richmond, etc. Last time they were in Canada, we visited Lynn Suspension Bridge Park and Whistler, which were places further away from the city. 

This time my uncle suggested we visit Hells Gate in the small town of Boston Bar, BC. Hells Gate features the narrowing of the Fraser River at the southern Fraser Canyon. It was about a 3-4 hour drive from Burnaby. We left at about 7.30am and got there around 11am? 

Here is us, stopping somewhere along the drive for some photos! 

I don't even know how I had enough energy to curl my hair that morning... But I did! I ended up with a puffy face and relatively nice hair. Not too shabby, I guess?

Hells Gate attracts a lot of tourists (and we were some of them), and you have to take the airtram up so you can get the full view of the Fraser Canyon. I believe it was about $22/person (and maybe $20/senior). You can easily spend a couple of hours there so the price was quite okay - not cheap, but pretty reasonable. We were kinda lucky because the place was pretty empty when we were there! I prefer empty to crowded places... More photo opportunities? LOL #oops #sorrynotsorry

So here we are, waiting for the Air Tram, and I decided to take a picture of the flags. The picture below was taken when we were on the tram! It was pretty steep. 

The view from the suspension bridge.

There is no significance behind this giant chair. It was probably just a prop for photos. All I remember was that I had a hard time climbing up onto it. It's bigger than it looks ok! LOL! 

With my mommy, aunty, and uncle! It was a VERY windy and cold day at Hells Gate! 

Beautiful British Columbia 

I do miss Canada, and I wonder when I will be back... Hopefully, soon!


Friday, August 26, 2016


" That's the scary thing
about opening up your heart
to someone again.
Because, after a couple of heartbreaks,
you learn eventually,
everyone leaves in your life.
It's just a matter of how
much time you have with them "

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dine Out Part 3: Vis-a-Vis

Here is the last, but definitely not the least, of my Dine Around adventures in Victoria. We visited Vis a Vis, which was located in Oak Bay as well. The decor of the place was nice - inside and out!

I believe that this time around, we opted for the $40 menu!

They gave us a sample soup from the kitchen - on the house! That was nice - it was a little bit curry-ish... Now, what did I say about not being a food blogger? LOL! 

I got the lobster bisque for starters, while Mich and Connie got Chicken Liver Parfait, and Pork Terrine. I can't really remember which is which in the pictures though... Hahahaha oops!

I got some oysters to start as well. I hadn't had oysters in a while, so I was craving them... And my oh my, they were good!!! I love me some good oysters! Teehee

Our mains! The Lobster Carbonara and Beef Burgundy, which was what I got! 

My dessert - very chocolatey but yummy!!! I think I was going through a chocolate phase... I usually don't eat that much chocolate! Hahhahaha

Per usual, ending the day with some selfies!!!! Love you guys!

XX, Cand

Friday, July 8, 2016

Dine Out Part 2: 10 Acres

Our next Dine Around visit brought us to 10 Acres! It was more American style as compared to the previous place, Confit, which was French. 10 Acres was located downtown and the restaurant was very bright because of the large windows!! I love! People enjoy sitting on the patio too but I think it was still too cold to do so.

Selfies before we got too messy and bloated. LOL

This time around, we chose to go for the $30 menu!

We got some fancy ass drinks! I think I got a pomegranate Sangria of some sort... Cheers!!!

This time around, Michelle got the soup for starters and Connie got the Hen Leg! I can't remember which I got... I think the soup as well? I have short term memory loss... Anyway, we also ordered a plate of truffle fries to share! And my goodness, it was great!!!!! I remember telling the waiter that they were really good. He seemed a little bit snobbish. Perhaps he was upset that I didn't compliment the rest of the food? IDK...

LAMB SHANK. It was good!!! The meat was very tender. Hehe

Mich's main... I can't remember what it was called. But it was small.......... Hahahahah!

Our desserts!!! I got a sticky toffee pudding - which I had been craving pretty badly for... It was good, but I think I have had better elsewhere! I can't remember what Mich and Connie got... I think a cheesecake and something else. Hahahaha! The first time we all got different desserts. Hehe! 

Overall, dining at 10 Acres was a completely different experience compared to Confit as well as Vis-a-Vis! Maybe if I (ever) go back in summer, I would like to visit again but this time sit in the patio!

XX, Cand

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dine Out Part 1: Confit

After a few months, I finally have caught up on all my travel posts for 2015. And I have decided to post my Dine Around Victoria experiences on my blog! My roommates (Connie & Michelle) and I love Dine Out season because it means we get good food at way more affordable prices!!! For Dine Out, there are usually a few menus to choose from - the $30, $40, and $50 menu. They all include a three course meal - starters, mains, and dessert. Usually we choose whichever menu we think is the most worth it for the price!

We got to visit 3 places this year - Confit, 10 Acres, and Vis-a-Vis. And as the title suggests, this post is on Confit! Confit features French cuisine and is tucked away in the very lovely Oak Bay.

Disclaimer: I am no food blogger ok. Please don't take me too seriously... LOLOL!

We all decided to go for the $50 menu at Confit! Such a splurge, but well, at Confit you gotta go for the "Duck duo of Confit Leg & Medium Rare Breast"! Hahahaha I chose mussels as my appetiser to go along with the main course and a chocolate cake of some sort for dessert.

The dining experience was really pleasant - the waiter was very sweet! Do make reservations especially during Dine Around season because these places get PACKED... And quite quickly!

I thought that the mussels were okay - not outstanding, but the main dish was REALLY good! The chocolate cake thing would be great for chocolate lovers out there!!! Connie went with the vanilla bean creme brulee and it was really good as well. We all went home full and happy. Hehe

Quite the ritual - selfie time an outing/a dinner!

Compared to my travel posts, this one is pretty short. Hopefully there will be more shorter posts as well so this space won't be filled with too many words and pictures!

Till the next post!!!

XX, Cand