Sunday, January 31, 2016

2015 LA Photo Diary

Despite this year being my 5th year living on the West Coast, I visited Los Angeles for the very first time last December. Los Angeles is the epitome of America's West Coast. Tickets from Vancouver were extremely reasonable especially since we did not have any checked luggage. We arrived in LA just before the super peak season (aka Christmas), so everything was slightly cheaper! 

I had a final that afternoon, but it was my last final (for the semester), and I was already excited for my trip! I thought the most stressful part of my year was over and now all I had to do way enjoy... Seeing how the 3pm and 5pm ferries were cancelled due to bad weather, I scurried to reserve my spot for the 9pm ferry. Basically, I HAD to take the ferry out to Vancouver that day because my flight the next day was at 8am. There was no way I could make it if I left the next day - even if I took the earliest ferry at 7am. 


They cancelled the 7pm and 9pm ferries too! What... Thank goodness I checked, but I also started panicking. I was literally on the verge of pulling all my hair out. After complaining and whining (and also brainstorming) for a while, I decided to make my way to Victoria's airport. THANK GOODNESS I DID. The West Jet lady was extremely nice and she helped me change my ticket, so instead of flying YVR-LAX, I took a de-tour YYJ-YYC-LAX. This definitely increased my traveling time by at least 2 hours, but hey, I made it to LAX and that's what matters! It wasn't expensive to make the change either, so I'm extremely grateful. 

Upon arrival, we went to check in at our Airbnb - we stayed with a lovely lady called Bangja. Then we headed out for food! It was much colder than we were expecting it to be in LA. It was a little bit disappointing since we wanted to get away from the cold and wet weather in Vancouver/Victoria. Nevertheless, the trip must still go on!

The Commissary.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

In N Out - We missed out on the animal fries!!!!! :(

The Larchmont Bungalow

Red and Blue Velvet Pancakes (YUMMM) and Lobster Cobb Salad (EVEN MORE YUMMM). 

LACMA Lights Exhibition - honestly I was a little bit disappointed. I expected it to be whiter in colour than the grey you see in these pictures. I also expected them to be much taller. I'm not too sure why I had those expectations - but I did! We still hung around for quite a bit and took lots of pictures though.

After, we uber-ed to Santa Monica. And if I could mention, Uber is the best damned thing ever. Extremely convenient, efficient, great customer service. 

Santa Monica Pier in the golden hour.

Pier + me - See how I was so bundled up?? And I was still freezing!

Bottega Louie for Brunch - 100% would return again. Loved it here.

I loved their macarons and desserts counter. To the obnoxious, self-righteous man, UP YOURS BITCH. 

LA Public Library.

We made our way to Anaheim and prepared ourselves for DISNEYLAND.

We woke up late the next day, had breakfast at IHop before heading in at 11am. We were terribly late, but we stayed till it closed, so I guess we kinda made up for being late?  

Sleeping Beauty's Castle decked out in Christmas AND their Diamond Anniversary decorations! Sooo lovely.

Saved this T-shirt for Disneyland!

A delicious Dole drink.

Teacup with an awkward hole in the middle.

I didn't upload any more pictures for the rest of Disneyland because I didn't really want to clutter this post up. (Although I suppose my blog could use some clutters of pictures once in a while.)

That's all folks!

See you when I see you - aka when I'm procrastinating.

XX, Cand

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Should have

I thought it was over, but apparently not.

My heart breaks a little more whenever I'm reminded of us. Nowadays, I get reminded more of the things you did not do for me, and the things you did not like about me. I ask myself why, a lot. It makes me sad that I put myself and let myself be in that situation. I should have fought for myself a little more, a little harder. While all I ever did was try so hard to understand you, I don't think I was being understood. You might not know this, but I think I was always overlooked. I refused to believe that, and only thought of you and for you. I was never the focus. There are things that happened that I still don't understand up to today, like why you got mad/upset on (more than) several occasions. I was always apologizing for things I could not understand. Now when I think of it, towards the end - when I was desperately clinging on, there were many hints that I should have taken. I should have let go earlier. I should have known.

I think I deserved more. There were times I did not feel good about myself, and I wondered why. I did not know much then, but I think I know now. I did everything I could and everyone knows how much I put into the relationship. But it was a toxic relationship, and I'm glad you pushed for the right choice. There were red flashing lights on multiple occasions - I really should have known.

After more than a year, I think I finally got the closure I needed. I needed for myself to realize that it wasn't my fault that things could not work out and that maybe it was, in fact, yours.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Losing Focus

I'm trying my hardest to keep myself motivated. And it's really getting harder each day...

One thing to look forward to: Last Friday, I booked my trip to Los Angeles (& Disneyland!!!) with my friend! We're only going to be there for a few days, but I'm super excited about going away! Can't wait to actually be in LA, and just chill out at a cafe! Hehehe! I'm also planning to ski in Vancouver, so fingers crossed for this one!

For now, let's keep focus Cand! #wishmeluck #iamgonnaneedit


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Currently feeding on strong emo vibes

1. Jack of all trades, Master of none.

This phrase really describes me.

2. I love my mommy.

She's the best (and very funny too). I think I've reached the point where, if no one cares, it doesn't matter. I really don't need anyone else but her.

3. It's probably impossible, but I want to get on the Dean's list.

Or at least score all As for my courses these last two semesters. I do wish that I didn't have 4 midterms, and 2 assignments all in 9 days. But I got to suck it up!!! Come on Cand, you can do it! :)

4. I wish I had more sass. Like Jessi does. LOVE Jessi

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Here are my ramblings on - 

1. The Upcoming Winter Holidays: 
Since I end my exams super early this year, I was thinking if I should visit LA... But I really want to make London 2016 happen, so maybe I should save up the money instead. IDK!!! If I don't go I'll have a loooooong 3 weeks break, and I was thinking maybe I would go skiing somewhere near by instead, but hmm, skiing is expensive too. Besides, thanks to the El Nino effect this year, we don't know if the snow will be good... Fingers crossed for now! 

2. "I-really-want-to-spend-money-on-something-expensive": 
Recently, I've been really superficial and there are a lot of days where I just REALLY want to buy something expensive. So, I go onto shopping sites and just browse and browse for hours. There are so many things I cannot afford that I want - a Sophie Hulme mini box bag (with the "wish you were here" keyring!!!), the structured Fendi monster tote, the all white Saint Laurent sneakers, Kenzo sneakers - you get the drift. Eventually, I close the browsers because, quite unfortunately, I'm a broke bitch... Obviously, I can't afford to spend all that money all at once. 

It gets really hard in a society that places so much emphasis on materialism to stay focused and think of long term goals like saving to buy a house, or a car, for example. Maybe even to save up to go to Europe for my graduation trip. You get so many bloggers posting expensive things they bought (or were gifted), and they make me really want those products. But ultimately, it obviously boils down to whether I have the willpower (and obviously, the lack of the dolla-dolla-bills$ss$) to not buy that bag. 

3. Am currently repeating Adele's "Hello":
DAMN, her songs are sooo good!!! I've been hooked since it came out! My friends might be getting a little annoyed with me singing along to it LOL!!! My obsession with the song is quite atrocious!

4. ECON 454 - Theory of Corporate Finance:
It's almost 1am and I still have not started on studying for my dearest ECON 454... My most difficult course yet. Hmmmmm my only motivation is so that when my prof asks questions, I don't sound dumb! LOL!!! And also, I don't want to be THAT student who didn't do her homework. Since I sit in front, he asks me almost every time he allocates 'homework'. Omg, I'm gonna sound so dumb tmr... Better get studying now. Wish me luck!!!